What Are the 6 Main Stages of Effective Deep Cleaning?

What Are the 6 Main Stages of Effective Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is a necessary service for the cleanliness of your home. Every year, most homeowners and working people prefer to clean their entire spaces for their health and hygiene. Basically, deep cleaning goes beyond normal cleaning. In a deep cleaning, professionals can clean every cranny and nook in your living space.

Whether you are a working person or a homeowner, everyone needs to invest in effective deep cleaning. The New Omniyat team is providing professional deep cleaning in Dubai. But before proceeding as a responsible homeowner, you must know the stages of deep cleaning. Read further to know the six major stages included in deep cleaning!

Follow 6 Primary Stages of Effective Deep Cleaning       

Most people usually don’t know what is the importance of deep cleaning and why they should invest in it. If you want to find out the reasons why deep cleaning is important, then follow our previous guide to know its advantages. The New Omniyat team will guide you through why people should invest in deep cleaning. The best cleaners in UAE will arrive at your doorsteps to provide you with the best cleaning services.

Let us further discuss the six primary stages step by step. The guide will let you understand how deep cleaning works in your home.

Stage 1: Gather and Prepare Essential Cleaning Supplies

Before proceeding with deep cleaning, you need to get essential supplies. Professional cleaning teams have all the essential supplies that are used in deep cleaning. Before proceeding with cleaning, the professional team first checks out the need for supplies. However, they get all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies. But if you are doing it on your own, it might be costly for you to get every product.

These include:

  • Cleaning agents
  • Cleaning mops
  • Brushes and clothes
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Safety gear like masks and gloves
  • Cleaning solutions

The New Omniyat team has all the essential tools and supplies that are required for deep cleaning. Organizing these tools makes sure to perform everything on time. Getting your tools ensures that you will save time during the cleaning process. Moreover, It also allows you to perform more smooth and efficient cleaning operations.

Stage 2: Decluttering Your Space Effective Deep Cleaning

Before starting the deep cleaning, it’s essential to tidy up the space first. Begin by clearing out the area you plan to clean. You need to take away any objects, furniture, or objects that might be in the way of reaching surfaces and corners.

It is the most essential step, which serves a dual purpose. However, It simplifies the cleaning procedure. Moreover,  it provides easy access, and it protects valuable items from damage during the cleaning process. By ensuring that the space is free of home items, you allow cleaners to start their work easily. They can manage deep learning on time and have efficient cleaning experience. However, this way, you can make the entire process smoother.

Stage 3: Deep Surface Cleaning and Dusting

Once the area is cleared, the next step is to start the dusting. Professional perform cleaning process across all surfaces. They usually start the cleaning from the highest points and progress downward. In this way, they use cleaning products to remove any dust or debris in your path. During this stage, you need to take extra care to find hidden areas and corners.

Professional cleaners clean areas such as ceiling corners, light fixtures, and vents where dust is stored. They use suitable cleaning agents that are safe to use on different surfaces.  

Stage 4: Complete Sanitization for Germ Elimination

Deep cleaning not only focuses on common cleaning of surfaces. However, it also covers the sanitization process. The process of sanitization is usually performed by expert cleaners. They properly use gloves and masks to use cleaning agents.

This way, they can remove all the hidden bacteria and germs in your room corners. They focus on high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and bathroom fixtures. They use effective disinfectants for sanitization of all the hidden corners.

Stage 5: Deep Floor Maintenance and Cleaning

Deep floor cleaning is a time-consuming process. Professional cleaners always focus on cleaning the heavy traffic areas at the end of cleaning. The reason is that these areas are more attracted to bacteria and germs. Thus, they clean floors by using vacuuming, steam cleaning, sweeping and mopping.

Stage 6: Final Cleaning Inspection

Final inspection is the 6th stage of deep cleaning. In this stage, cleaners often check out everything. They wear disposable shoes to walk through the cleaned space. Moreover, professionals start examining each detail to make sure everything is clean. In this stage, they give extra attention to satisfy the customer and give them a clean environment.


Deep cleaning is not an easy task. However, it is a time-consuming service that professionals provide. The reason is that expert cleaners have all the essential supplies and materials by their side. All you need to do is book the best cleaners from a professional company like New Omniyat to perform this 6-stage deep cleaning.

You can not only get a cleaner surface. However, they provide deep cleaning, which is safe for your own health. So hire a professional team of cleaners for deep cleanings once every 3-6 months to live in hygienic and clean living spaces!

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