Cleaning Services

Dedicated Professional Cleaning Services in Dubai

Keeping your space clean and well maintained is what keeps you happy and satisfied. Newomniyat is offering you the top notch and dedicated cleaning services in UAE meeting all your cleaning requirements. .

We are offering services for the residential, commercial and corporate places. With our expert cleaners and versatile cleaning solution, we are letting you have a clean, hygienic, and pleasant environment. worry less and enjoy the best cleaning services in Dubai by Newomniyat.

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Deep Cleaning Your Space and Restoring Happiness

Newomniyat offers you high end deep cleaning services that are essential for your place. No matter if it’s the house, office or a commercial spot, you do need deep cleaning for better quality of life. Our deep cleaning process involves removal of all infestations and penetration of dirt, dribs, sludge and more. We do it like masters so you can have a healthy lifestyle


Cleaning Services


The mattress you sleep at is the most vulnerable when it comes to cleaning. Changing sheets is not enough, you do need mattress cleaning. At Newomniyat, we clean your mattress without damaging it or causing any trouble. It's simple and convenient. .

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Cleaning Services


Carpets can't be cleaned with the regular cleaning products. You have to go a little hard on them for a deeper clean up and remove the dirt infestation. Our experts know the knack of cleaning the carpets without damaging them. We give you the carpet as good as news. .

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Cleaning Services


Keep your furniture clean and hygienic with sofa cleaning services by experts. Using the best tools we can make your old sofa set look as good as new. It will look new, smell fresh and serve you right for a long time. .

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Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning

Deep clean all the corners of your space ensuring every single corner is cleaned, disinfected, and free from infestations. We take care of all your installations, placements, and furnishings with dedicated procedures.

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Other Areas:

We also offer cleaning services for balconies, windows and floors. At the same time, our vacuuming option is for curtains, carpets, sofas and chairs. This way, we remove all dust and dirt from surfaces.

What is Included in Our Cleaning Services

When you choose New Omniyat for deep cleaning, then you don't have to worry about any corner. Our experts will thoroughly clean each nook and cranny. Our deep cleaning includes a wide range of areas and spaces.

From residential to commercial buildings, we offer all cleaning services. All the services are according to your needs. Our cleaning package includes the following services:

Floor Care:

Our deep cleaning services in Dubai also clean all flooring. Not only cleaning, we also ensure polishing and refreshing of floors.

Kitchen Brilliance:

We deeply clean appliances, cabinets and countertops. During this, we remove grime, oil, stains and contaminants.

Air Quality Enhancement:

Our focus is to enhance indoor air. For this, we clean vents, filters and HVAC systems.

Window Elegance:

We deeply clean windows from the outside and inside. This way, we ensure entry of natural light and a clear view through windows.

Furniture Renewal:

Our deep cleaning company, Dubai, offers deep cleaning for furniture and upholstery. During this, we remove all allergens, grime, dust, dirt and stains.

A Comprehensive Approach:

We never offer deep cleaning services in Dubai for specific rooms. Our professionals cover all areas from the living room to the basement to the attics.

Bathroom Transformation:

Our cleaners offer sanitization and disinfection services for bathrooms. During this, they clean fixtures, tiles, toilets, tubs and showers. This way, deep cleaning services in Dubai create a fresh and hygienic space.

Why Choose Us?

Experts for Every Job:

At Newomniyat, we have cleaning, plumbing, electrical work, and handyman experts. These professionals with years of experience and dedication towards jobs offer you the best services you are always looking for. Our team ensures high quality services for you.

Service Customization:

Any service you require, we are here to provide. Additionally, you can customize service format and plan according to your requirements. We let you plan and schedule the service according to your preferences and execute them in time.

State of the Art Equipment:

OEven the simple and smallest services require modernisation. It's the reason Newomniyat invests in the state of the art technology and methods. For latest installations and interior settings, we offer the latest tools, techniques and technologies.

No Mess or Misses:

Service industry requires precision and perfection. At Newomniyat we consider accuracy of services important. It's the reason you will never find even a single loop in our services at all. .

Prioritize Customer Satisfaction :

At Newomniyat, we understand that you are looking for perfection in simple yet important tasks and jobs. That’s why our services are customer centric and meet your expectations to the fullest. .

Our team pays attention to details and client’s requirements. You can provide a list of requirements and we will make sure to follow each of them. Providing you a peace of mind knowing that we can handle everything to its core will let you take a breath of relief. .

To gauge customer satisfaction, we have dedicated meetings and discussions with clients prior to job completion. Evening after completion we process a review to ensure quality and requirement compliance. !