How to Dry Mattress After Steam Cleaning?

How to Dry Mattress After Steam Cleaning?

If you notice any type of cleaning issue with your mattress, then it is time to call for professional services. For this, hot water extraction is the better technique. During this technique, professionals can remove bacteria, dust and organisms, so there are fewer chances of allergies, asthma and eczema.

Follow the New Omniyat expert’s guide to understand the importance of deep mattress cleaning. Also, read out the best ways to dry your home mattress after steam cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning and its Importance

Sleeping on the damp mattress not only feel uncomfortable. However it also increases the growth of mildew and mould. For mold, two or three days are enough for growth. So as a result, it creates the bad and musty smell.

For those who wanted to know how long for mattress to dry after steam cleaning New Omniyat team always provide them useful information. Well! Every mattress have different sizes and material. Thus it require somehow 3-5 days for mattress to dry entirely after stream cleaning, But if you have small size mattress or signal kids mattress they can easily dry within 2 days by using dryer machines.

In some cases when you submerge mattress. Then it might be possible that gasoline and other chemicals are present in water. So even if you properly sanitize the mattress. But still it may contain mold and moisture in it.

Why You Should Steam Clean a Mattress?

Steam cleaner is the right option for mattress cleaning as it is not made of memory foam. Some reasons for using steam cleaner:

1.      Eliminating Impurities:

Steam cleaning is the right method as it can kill bacteria, allergens and pests. All these organisms can accumulate in the mattress. So, with high temperatures, these can be killed.

2.      Deodorizing:

Steam cleaning is the way to remove stubborn smell that may be present in mattress. So it can help you leave mattress smell fresh.

3.      Removing Stains:

Steam cleaning is the way to remove stubborn stains from mattresses. These stains may either be wet or dry.

How Quickly Can A Mattress Be Dried?

Keep the mattress clean but damp in the airflow or natural light. Then, take a blow dryer or dehumidifier to dry it quickly. It is the most effective and fast method for drying. Ensure to completely dry the mattress before use.

How Long Does It Take A Mattress to Dry After Cleaning?

When you submerge your mattress in the water, then it may take almost 48 hours to dry completely based on the materials. However professional cleaning company follow specific steps to dry the mattress fastly.

Tips for Drying Your Mattress:

  1. To dry the mattress as soon as possible, ensure that it is kept in direct sunlight and airflow. After drying, ensure to cover the mattress with waterproof cover. So when your cover will wet then you can put it in the machine.
  2. Ensure to place the mattress above the surface so it will get more air circulation. You may either place it on top of cinder blocks or sawhorses. Due to bad weather and moisture, you should dry it for 24 hours. But ensure to bring it back to inside in the night.
  3. Suppose you see that the mattress is dry from the outside but still it is damp from the inside. So don’t let the interior remain wet. However, ensure to keep the mattress in the air. Otherwise, wet mattresses will lead to the growth of mildew and mold. So it can be dangerous to your health and that of your family.
  4. However you can rub 50% alcohol and 50% water to the surface of mattress. Also dont submerge mattress in the water. These ways can prevent the growth of mildew and mold.

Additional Steam Cleaning and Drying Tips:

  • Steam cleaning can remove dirt and impurities. As a result you can get rid of health issues and bad smells.
  • Ensure to buy the supreme quality mattress cover. This can prevent the mattress from accumulating stains.
  • Train pets to stay away from mattresses. So you can decrease the chances of pet hair and dander.
  • Be sure to change your outdoor clothes before sitting on the mattress.
  • Never eat and drink on the mattress, as these can leave spills.
  • Ensure to expose the mattress to less moisture. Otherwise, it will accumulate impurities, mold, stains and a stubborn smell.

Important Note: Before use, ensure to dry the mattress. For this steam cleaning is the better option as it takes almost 4 hours. Also this method can remove dust, dirt and debris from the mattress.


It is concluded that mattress can be cleaned without the use of chemicals. However mattress is damp even after cleaning. Commonly a mattress need almost 8 hours to completely dry.

You can even get in touch with the team at New Omniyat to dry and deep clean your mattress at home!

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