Common Mattress Stains and How to Remove Them?

Common Mattress Stains and How to Remove Them?

We all spend enough time relaxing and sleeping in our beds. Thus, a clean surface and mattress are required for a relaxed sleep time. But do you know that a sleeping mattress can be the biggest source of hiding dust and allergens? Well! Mattresses can absorb bodily fluids, different spills, and stains. Mattress toppers, sheets, and pillows can also endure different stains and odors.

However, removing stains can also be complicated. Thus, it is important to value the possible practices. Cleaning your mattress properly can not only extend the comfort and life of your mattress but also allow you to enjoy a smooth sleep time with regular cleaning. New Omniyat experts guide you through the simple methods through which you can remove mattress stains easily!

How to Clean Mattress Stains Quickly?

Before you start giving your mattress a thorough cleaning, it’s important to plan ahead. Moreover, make sure you choose a day when your mattress can fully dry before you put your sheets and bedding back on. Bacteria love dark and damp places, and fungi thrive in moisture. So, giving your mattress enough time to dry is important. Moreover, this way, you can prevent these unwanted guests from making themselves at home.

If possible, wait for a bright and sunny day to carry out the cleaning process. Research suggests that about four hours of exposure to daylight sun can be as effective as UV light in killing bacteria. On a sunny day, open those blinds of your room to let the sunshine in and clean the bacteria. Move ahead to explore the basic and useful methods for cleaning stains on your mattress.

Step 1: Remove Your Mattress Bedding and Wash It

When washing your sheets, bedding, and pillows, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some materials may withstand a trip through the washing machine and dryer. However, others might require spot treatment or handwashing.

Even for machine-washable items, going for a gentle detergent on a cool, gentle cycle is a smart move. Moreover, it not only helps in effective cleaning. However, it also ensures the longevity and quality of your sheets, pillows, and bedding. So, seize the opportunity to create an all-around fresh and clean sleep sanctuary.

Step 2: Vacuum Your Mattress Properly:

Vacuuming your mattress is a quick and effective way to rid it of allergy-inducing dust and dust mites. However, to maximize the impact, go for a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter. Moreover, vacuuming proves to be the most efficient method of eliminating and preventing dust mites. Vacuuming serves as an essential step, especially against insects like lice and bed bugs.

Well! It’s just the starting point in your mattress cleaning routine. If you find a lice infestation, follow up the vacuuming with a dedicated lice treatment for your mattress. As for bed bugs, a deep bed bug treatment may be necessary alongside vacuuming for complete removal. Regular monthly vacuuming helps maintain a clean mattress.

Step 3: Disinfect and Deodorize Your Mattress:

Deodorizing and disinfecting your mattress is vital for minting the life of your mattress. You can do it in a natural way as well. Just mix water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. White vinegar has approximately 5% acetic acid content.

However, the solution acts as a powerful agent against bacteria and viruses by chemically altering them. Additionally, its high acid concentration helps break down body oils, dirt, and soap build-up. Also, this DIY solution offers a natural and effective way to keep your mattress fresh, clean, and free from allergens.

Expert Suggestions from Professional Cleaners:

·         Regular Maintenance:

Use regular vacuuming on your mattress. Moreover, this care routine proves highly effective in eliminating dust and allergens. However, it is a simple yet useful step that contributes to overall mattress cleanliness.

·         Use Mattress Protectors:

Prevention is the most important suggestion. That is why experts suggest using high-quality mattress protectors. Moreover, they work as a barrier against spills and stains. These mattress protectors are not only effective but also easy to remove and machine washable.

·         Professional Cleaning Services:

Upgrade your mattress care routine by investing in professional cleaning services from reputable companies like New Omniyat. These services, offered by experts, make sure to provide you with deep mattress cleaning. Moreover, they remove stubborn stains and ensure the longevity of your mattress.


Mattress longevity is not the only purpose to make it clean. However to maintain the hygiene and health can also be the biggest reason of regular mattress cleaning. New Omniyat cleaners guide you in removing those stains from your mattress by using in-home methods. Check out the above guide to remove mattress stains and make your mattress dust-free for a longer time!

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